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May 12, 2014

Did you know that for the past year or so Joe has been researching the benefits of the Triglyceride Formulation (TG) of Fish Oil versus the traditional Ethyl Ester (EE) formulation.  In the article linked below it is stated “Since bioavailability is key to achieving the best possible clinical outcomes it would stand that TG fish oils should be the first choice for practitioners”.  With this said, our original EE formulation is still a quality product, but if we now know that TG is better, then we should make that change in our product line.  That has lead us to our decision to reformulate our line of Omega-3 800 to include this TG formulation.

So to recap, our Omega-3 800 is now TG formulation with enhanced absorption and smaller capsule size.  We also added the highly concentrated Omega 2800 liquid to our line.

Here is a link to one article on the subject for you to read.

A Review of EE versus TG Formulation of Fish Oil

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