Are You Wrecking Your Metabolism?

     Metabolism Wreckers

  • Starving, skipping meals, eating one meal a day and fasting for extended periods
  • Low calorie or low fat foods and diets
    • It is not just about the amount of calories you consume, but the type as well.
  • Minimal physical activity and low thyroid
    • Poor T4 to T3 conversion
    • High reverse T3(from starvation diets)
  • High Stress Lifestyle:
    • High cortisol in relationship to DHEA levels is a catabolic state (breakdown of muscle hence it becomes more difficult to burn fat and calories with less muscle mass)
    • Calorie Burn:
      • Fat 1lb = 2 cal/day
      • Muscle 1lb = 50 cal/day on average at rest
  • Alcohol Intake
    • The more you consume, the greater conversion is to sugar
  • Poor Water consumption
    • Drink water throughout day
    • Critical exceptions: heart failure & kidney disease
  • Poor Sleep
    • 5 hours vs. 7-8 hours of sleep predisposes you to over 50% increase for obesity
  • Breaking the Fast Violations
    • Must break the fast if you want to maintain or lose weight.
    • Follow the “7 to 7 rule.” Attempt to get as close to 12 hour fast as possible.
    • This along with increasing the amount of fiber in your diet helps to reset Leptin-Grehlin levels, which help to control appetite-satiety.




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